NC Pressure Washing

■ We utilize only state of the art equipment and detergents to pressure wash your home or business safely. Low pressure house power washing is by far the safest, most effective and efficient way to restore your property. We guarantee results!

■ Your home is safe with RDU PRO Wash & Paint, we have 2 million dollars in general liability, request a copy of our insurance certificate at any time!

■ RDU PRO Wash & Paint specializes in professional pressure washing in Raleigh NC, this is not a service we just happen to offer. Many hours each year are devoted to research and development to improve equipment and process.

Pressure Washing Services:

■ Pressure Washing Raleigh
■ Power Washing Cary
■ Pressure Washing Apex
■ Power Washing Garner
■ Pressure Washing Holly Springs
■ Power Washing Wake Forest
■ Pressure Washing Durham

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NC Roof Cleaning

■ Is your Raleigh home or business plagued with ugly roof stains? RDU Pro Wash & Paint can restore your dirty roof to look like new again! Do not allow someone to pressure wash your roof, we can not stress this enough. Professional Raleigh roof cleaners never use pressure washing equipment to remove roof stains.

■ Roof cleaning in Raleigh NC is a relatively new industry for exterior cleaning contractors. RDU PRO Wash & Paint uses only SAFE, ZERO Pressure cleaning methods. We adhere strictly to the roofing manufacturers guidelines when cleaning shingle roofs.

Roof Cleaning Services:

■ Roof Cleaning Raleigh
■ Roof Stain Removal Cary
■ Roof Cleaners Apex
■ Roof Washing Garner
■ Roof Cleaning Holly Springs
■ Roof Cleaning Wake Forest
■ Roof Cleaning Durham

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NC Deck Staining

■ Deck staining, sealing, cleaning and revitalizing. We use only professional grade wood strippers, conditioners and brighteners to tackle every deck cleaning application. Professional products allow us to provide affordable solutions for all your deck staining needs.

■ We are well versed in the deck staining and restoration field in North Carolina. This climate demands professionals know their products strengths and weaknesses. Moisture, extreme temperature changes, prolonged dry periods, weeks of heavy rain and triple digit temperatures all play a roll in choosing the correct weather proofing product for your deck.

Deck Staining Services

■ Deck Staining Raleigh
■ Deck Staining Cary
■ Deck Washing Apex
■ Deck Restoration Garner
■ Deck Staining Holly Springs
■ Deck Sealing Wake Forest
■ Deck Staining Durham

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Serving Raleigh NC since 2010.

RDU Pro Wash & Paint, where quality and value does co-exist. We are a locally owned and operated pressure washing and painting company. We have the knowledge, equipment and skill set to provide timely, cost effective solutions for all your Raleigh NC pressure washing, deck staining, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and painting needs! Find out why so many trust and recommend RDU PRO Wash & Paint.

Founded in early 2010 we have pledged a commitment of quality, affordability and satisfaction. Our customer reviews and references speak for themselves. We believe in treating each and every property as if it were our own. No job is too big or too small, we strive for perfection in each service we provide.

Low Pressure Power Washing

What is it and what is the difference? We will discuss with you in short what separates a professional Raleigh Pressure Washing Company from a handyman, landscaper or painter. Power washing is NOT just blasting a surface until it appears clean, this illusion has cost homeowners and insurance companies countless dollars in repair and replacement costs. Trust your investment to a reputable, insured and experienced pressure washing contractor.

Pro Pressure Washing Raleigh this information should not be overlooked when hiring a company to safely clean the exterior of your home. The method(s) employed when cleaning any substrate must be fine tuned per the situation. Factors that need to be considered: surface condition, type of finish, contaminants etc.. An example of a contractor being able to adjust detergents and methods of application on site - the cleaning and restoration of a composite deck. Composite decks are a very expensive initial investment, resulting in lowered long term maintenance cost. Improper pressure washing will damage this type of surface beyond repair, total replacement will be needed.

Detergents, Buffers, Soaps, Cleansers Professional pressure washing is much more than owning expensive trailer mounted equipment and having a good marketing strategy. Word of mouth is powerful, the professional must be able to deliver consistent results in a vast array of applications. This is where knowledge of professional detergents and soaps comes in to play. More often than not a professional is NOT relying on damaging pressure to achieve breathtaking results. It is all about using the correct chemical blends to EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY clean your home and the surfaces surrounding your property.

Safe Raleigh Roof Cleaning.

Plagued with UGLY roof stains? We have a safe, affordable, manufacturer approved solution - Will NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Professional roof cleaning is done with the gentle application of a chlorine based solution - the same pressure as a standard garden hose.

Never use pressure on a roof. We NEVER use pressure to clean an asphalt shingle roof, this will void the warranty of your shingle, take years off the life of the roof and make your homes roof more vulnerable to wind damage and wind driven rain.

Eco - Friendly Roof Cleaning There are companies in our area using big concrete cleaning machines to blast the algae off your roof, taking years of your roof off with it! These companies claim a "bleach - free" approach to roof stain removal. Folks, listen, this is a gimmick and more detrimental than that - this is going to cause damage to your roof.

Thousands of roofs are cleaned safely each year all across the country using the safe, proven method of non pressure roof cleaning